Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sound on Sound

I've been listening to music. From Japan. Y'know, Japanese music:

Odani Misako - Odani Misako Trio

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I've been going through some DVDs of the Rising Sun Rock Festival I went to last year and Odani Misako's track Kiero really caught my ear as something I wish I'd seen at the time. So I went out and blow me down if I didn't pick up her last album, which I think is a collection of songs recorded with her new trio. Not sure though, Kiero appears on an earlier CD too. She's a piano-pop singer-songwriter and on the whole she's very good. Her songs make me smile, and I'm still coasting on the spiralling wonder of Kiero. It's one of those songs where every movement it makes is natural and surprising and thrilling.

Boredoms - Super Roots 10

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It's the Boredoms, it's great, but yes you can pretty much guess what the boredoms sound like at this point if you know them at all. Wonderful, but not the exhillerating, exhausting spectacle I saw at Rising Sun. The Lindstrom remix is amazing though. Man, I feel like I'm underselling it. It's really good.

Teriyaki Boyz - Serious Japanese

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I'm only one listen through the new Teriyaki Boyz album but it seems pretty good. It's fucking laden with big name American guest appearances but they don't make it feel like some shonky fashion project for the most part. That said, while Kanye seems into it, and Pharrell is fine, Adrock provides the intro and outro shouts and just like on the first album... he sounds a little awkward. Or not awkward, just it doesn't sound very good. Well, other than the Adrock tracks the beats seem good on a first listen, and it's a fun album. Work That is kind of shit though.

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