Saturday, 14 February 2009

Do Want / Do Not Want : Michael Jackson's Neverland Auction

Just like everyone else I've been browsing the auction catalogue for Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch sell-off to see if there's anything I could pick up for a song.

ITEM: Neverland Coffee Maker

DO WANT - I could really do with a coffee maker, and that looks pretty fancy. I dig the eagle.

ITEM: Large Chess Set with Marble Columns

DO NOT WANT - I like chess as much as the next fellow, and at present am without a chess set. However I don't think I have anywhere to put this beast.

ITEM: Royal Velvet Cape

DO WANT - The one I'm wearing to recieve visitors at the moment is looking pretty dog eared and the Ermine is a pretty horrible grey-brown colour.

ITEM: Oil painting of Michael Jackson as a king.

DO NOT WANT - Kind of creepy.

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